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The Schuyler Heights Civic Association was formed in 1951 after a garage burned down in the Idlewild Park area. Residents met and formed the association and in 1954 the Schuyler Heights Fire District was established, two fire engines were advertised for and Maxim Motors of Middleboro Massachusetts was the low bidder. The fire company went into business in 1955 with two Maxim pumpers after initial training on a borrowed pumper. Under the command of the First Chief Edward Stevens the first engine was received and was stored in the old Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corp. until the new firehouse was completed at 900 First Street, later that year.

The District station was expanded in 1966 adding two more apparatus bays, a banquet room and offices. This was due to an ISO inspection report stating the Fire District needed an aerial ladder and more pumping capacity. A deceased member, Fred Streck was very generous in helping get the fire district started by donating land and cash to help purchase on of the original pumpers which the Fire District placed his name on this engine and he also donated a diesel generator in case of a power outage to supply the fire station with the necessary power. Following Chief Stevens was Chief Edward Flynn who served the Fire District as Chief for 17 years and his last 3 years also held the office of Town of Colonie Fire Coordinator( Car 1).

In 1967, a four-wheel drive jeep was purchased from the Pilot Knob Fire Department in Lake George for brush fire capability and then in 1968 as recommended by the ISO inspection that led to the addition on the fire station the district wrote specifications for a 85 foot aerial ladder with a 1500 GPM pump. The district took delivery on a new Maxim Aerial ladder truck in September of 1970. Following Chief Flynn was Chief Charles Roberts who served as Chief from 1974-1976. In 1975 the original Fred Streck engine E 441 was replaced with a 1975 Maxim 1500gpm pumper. In 1977 the jeep was replaced by a new Pierce mini-pumper and at that time a Hurst Rescue tool fund drive was organized and funds was raised to purchase the Rescue tool and it was put into operation on this vehicle. Following Chief Roberts was Chief Charles House serving as Chief for 1977- 1981 In 1980 the Fire Company hosted the Albany County Volunteer Fireman’s Convention also celebrating 25 years of service to the community. In 1982, the other original Maxim Pumper was replaced by another Maxim Pumper, known as E-442 and under the direction of Chief Kevin Fronk that engine was sent to Philadelphia, Pa to be displayed at International Fire Chief’s Convention. In 1986 Chief Michael Duffney took over leadership of the Fire Company and then in 1988 leadership came under the command of Chief David Boisclair.

The next equipment change was in 1992 when the 1970 Maxim Aerial ladder truck was replaced by a new 110’ Simon L.T.I. ladder truck, and in 1996 a member of the company acquired at no extra cost to the District, a used police car from the Town of Colonie to be used for the Chiefs car and the Fire Company was led then by Chief Mark DePasquale until 1999. In 1997 the Pierce Mini pumper was replaced by a 1992 Suburban to be used as E.M.S. 8 our first response vehicle. In 1998, the 1974 Maxim pumper was replaced by a new Saulsbury Rescue engine. In 2000, the District purchased a new Ford Explorer to replace the old chief’s. In the year 2000 Chief Tim Van Vorst took command of the department. In 2001 Chief Gary Adkins took command of the Fire Company until 2002 when Chief Ken Keefer took command for the years 2003 and 2005 The next equipment change was the purchase of a 1500 GPM E-One Pumper and in 2003 the Chevy suburban was replaced by a Ford F-150 pickup with a utility body, in 2006 Chief Adkins resumed command till 2008 and a new Chief’s vehicle in 2006, this vehicle graduated to a Ford Expedition. In the year 2009 Jonathan Dudley took command till 2011 when Aaron Fandl took command in 2012 till present. The next equipment change was in 2013, a 2013 Crimson Fire Aerial, 103ft. Ladder Truck.


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